The Allthings platform gives real estate owners, asset managers, administrators, IT and tenants a comprehensive and consolidated overview of all information and data flows at building and portfolio level. It is an important component of the digital infrastructure of real estate management.

Your existing financial and real estate management systems manage the operational and financial processes within the company. Allthings provides an orchestration platform specifically designed to interface with the information and data flows of properties and across entire portfolios.

Whether it's energy consumption, tenant satisfaction, operational efficiency or other strategic indicators, Allthings provides the connectors and dashboards to deliver the right data to the right people at the right time.


Property Management

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In the background, the integration and orchestration platform connects all existing digital systems in a standardized and transparent model. This allows an overview to be maintained even in a new building with 13 or more different systems in use.

The necessary information is made available via the various interfaces in the appropriate evaluation for the relevant user.



  • with well-coordinated

    digital solutions


  • for employees

    and tenants


  • compared to individual

    system integration




Asset Management

Asset management of the future means having an overview of the condition of individual properties and the portfolio at all times - efficiently and without manual effort

  • ESG assessments are coming to the fore, which are controlled via a wide variety of evaluation models
  • Conclusions can be drawn from data on energy consumption, links to ZEV/tenant electricity, PV or heat pumps
  • A good insight into the work of the administration or issue management is required without time-consuming on-site visits
  • Knowledge about self-consumption should be promoted in order to be able to act sustainably - tenants are continuously informed about their energy consumption and its development over comparative periods
  • New mobility services are to be implemented and their use monitored and evaluated
  • ...

All of this requires a clear, consolidated dashboard - the COMPASS: overview and evaluations form the basis for strategic decisions and further planning.

Design "your" COMPASS as you need it, with the views of your properties or portfolios that are relevant to your work.

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Property Management

The management of the future requires a constant, up-to-date insight into everything that happens in the property and in communication with tenants. Efficiency is achieved by automating and accelerating recurring processes.

  • Requests are recorded in a standardized form via email, app or web form, pre-sorted and forwarded to the right processor
  • Craftsman orders are automatically sent to the relevant craftsmen, initial defects are recorded with all the necessary data and forwarded to the manufacturer
  • Move-in and move-out processes for tenant changes are controlled automatically and the necessary documents are made available
  • Failures of elevators, heating, etc. can be communicated directly to the affected tenants without the administration having to intervene
  • Shared rooms or equipment can be automatically booked and, if necessary, paid for
  • Information is passed on to tenants in an uncomplicated and resource-saving manner
  • ….

For all these processes, the administration has a clear dashboard at its disposal that prioritizes the daily tasks - the COCKPIT: the working environment from which all pending activities can be read.

Configure the COCKPIT according to your needs and the existing and integrated solutions - from an initial overview to the necessary detailed information.

Cockpit Dashboard


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The IT management of the future faces the challenge of having to integrate more and more digital solutions directly into individual properties and provide information and evaluations for management and asset management.

In doing so, a reference to the tenants and rental units must be established and the building and tenant master data must be accessed.


  • Allthings creates a one-off interface to the master data management (ERP) system - the digital solutions can be connected automatically
  • There are multi-level authorization concepts for the various user roles that can be easily adapted
  • Data streams from different systems can be linked directly via the platform if, for example, the elevator is to communicate directly with the tenant
  • Connections between the data-carrying system and the digital solution that already exist in the industry can be easily scaled up

The orchestration platform makes it easy to enable, provide and manage digital connections for entire real estate portfolios and individual buildings based on authorization.

Integration processes for portfolio and building teams cost only a fraction of what it would cost to implement them without the Allthings platform.

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For a good tenant experience, it is important for tenants to be able to contact the management at any time and to be able to move around their property easily and at any time.

  • Report damage at any time via various channels when it occurs
  • Book reservations for rooms, washing machine times or the cargo bike at any time
  • Access parcel boxes directly
  • View and evaluate energy data
  • Distribute information, sales or rentals to everyone via the digital bulletin board or the lending station
  • know who lives in their property and can contact them directly
  • feel part of a neighborhood because they know what's going on
  • ...

The tenant app offers a way to get in touch at any time, simplifying and speeding up processes.

The app can be set up in just a few minutes and, as a tenant portal, offers access both via WebApp and as a native app in the branding of the property

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